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Facebook"s symbols, lượt thích ?, ??, ?, & ? need explaining. This article simplifies how khổng lồ read & use emoticons.

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Facebook"s symbols aren"t easy to get, particularly for newcomers. The sheer number can make Facebook confusing for newcomers.

With that in mind, in this article we take a look at what all the Facebook symbols mean. From the all-too-obvious ones to lớn the odd và obscure. This is a short guide khổng lồ Facebook symbols.

Simple Facebook Symbols

The following are some of the more common icons that most people who use Facebook regularly will recognize.

facebook symbol lượt thích icon
One of the most recognizable images that"s core to the Facebook brvà is the famous "Like" inhỏ. You can lượt thích a status update, quote, liên kết, an image, or anything else. Just cliông chồng this image và let everyone know.
facebook notifications symbol
At the top of your Facebook home page page, you"ll notice three dark icons. The image of a bell represents your notification các mục of the lathử nghiệm updates from your friends, as well as your favorite pages and groups.
facebook message symbol
Clichồng on this little conversation bubble icon, và you"ll see a dropdown box displaying the latest Facebook messages you"ve sầu received.
friover request symbol
The last image at the top of the home page page is the Friend Request inhỏ. Click on this, & if you have any new frikết thúc requests, they"ll show up in a drop-down box.
Aside from the icons above sầu, the other most comtháng icons you"ll see on Facebook are the ones that display while you"re creating new posts.

Below the edit field, you"ll see a variety of symbols. By mặc định, you"ll see an inhỏ khổng lồ add a photo or đoạn Clip to your post, an icon lớn tag (mention) friends in your post, or add a feeling or current activity tag lớn your post.

Under this, you"ll see a variety of other icons to update post settings.

On the left you"ll see the News Feed ibé to post directly lớn your wall, and the Your Story icon to lớn add the post khổng lồ your story timeline. On the right you"ll see privacy settings to lớn phối your News Feed or Your Story privacy lớn Public or Friends.

Facebook Symbols to lớn Enhance Posts

If you cliông xã on See More, you"ll see all of the other items you can add to lớn your post.

Starting from the top left:

Photo/Video: Add a photo or video clip lớn your post. Feeling/Activity: Tag your post with how you"re feeling or an activity you"re doing. Check in: Tag the post with the location you"re at. GIF: Add a fun GIF to lớn your post. Poll: Poll your family & friends about any topic. Watch Party: Watch live sầu or prerecorded đoạn Clip with friends. Support Nonprofit: Encourage friends to contribute khổng lồ your favorite nonprofit. Tag Friends: Tag (mention) your friends in your post. Sticker: Add one of Facebook"s many fun stickers to lớn your post. Tag Event: If you"re at a Facebook sự kiện, tag it in your post và let everyone know. List: Insert a quiông chồng list of anything inlớn your post. Answer a Question: Answer a random question khổng lồ start a fun conversation with your friends.

By the way, if you want khổng lồ see the largest collection of Facebook symbols anywhere, while you"re editing or creating a post, just click on the "emoji" face on the lower right of the edit field.

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This is where you"ll find a big list of emojis available for you to use. As you can see from the row of other icons, you can find pages & pages of emoji. You"ll find everything from animals & electronics lớn sports và flags.

Managing Other Facebook Posts

The last few most common icons are the ones that show up alongside posts, when you cliông chồng the down arrow on the upper right corner of a post window.

This window appears with different options depending on where the post is & who posted it. In the example above sầu, the post was published by someone else and shows up on my timeline.

Bookmark (Save sầu post): Saves the post to your danh mục of saved items. Box with an X (Hide post): Tells Facebook"s algorithm you don"t like that post, or other posts lượt thích it. Cloông chồng Ibé (Snooze): Lets you silence any post from a person, group, or page for a limited time. Comment with an Exclamation (Give feedbachồng on this post): Report the post lớn Facebook for any reason.

Some other things you can vị with individual posts is turn on notifications for comments (the Bell icon), or embed the post using embed code (the HTML kết thúc tag icon).

Managing Your Own Facebook Posts

If you click the down arrow at the upper right of one of your own posts, you"ll have many more options.

These options let you change the post in some way, save sầu it or enable notifications, or even delete it entirely.

Just above the post, next lớn your name, you"ll see an inhỏ of either two people or a globe. Clichồng on the arrow & you"ll see another window like the one below.

This is an important dropdown, because it allows you lớn phối the privacy cấp độ of your posts. For more help on securing your social networking, kiểm tra out our guide to lớn Facebook privacy.

This is something too few people pay attention khổng lồ, but it can mean the difference between things being seen only by family và friends, or by the entire mạng internet.

What vày these icons mean?

Globe (Public): Make your post visible lớn anyone on the mạng internet (use with caution!) Two People (Friends except): Block specific friends from seeing your post. One Person (Specific friends): Show your post on the feed for only certain friends. Lock (Only me): Only you can see the post. Useful for posting important notes to yourself. Gear (Custom): Add or remove sầu friends or friends lists who can see the post.

As you can see, it"s very easy lớn customize the privacy of every Facebook post.

Other Facebook Symbols

The next batch of Facebook symbols will be well known to lớn regular Facebook users, but not quite as recognizable khổng lồ new users.

If you clichồng on the trang chủ tab, under your name you"ll see four icons in the left navigation bar.

These are Facebook"s core navigation areas.

News Feed: This is the frequently updated feed of your friends" posts that you Reviews every day. Messenger: Takes you khổng lồ the Facebook chat area where you can IM with friends. Watch: Navigate khổng lồ Facebook"s video streaming page. Marketplace: Visit your local Facebook Marketplace lớn buy and sell goods.

If you scroll further down the trang chủ page, you"ll see an Explore area in the left navigation bar. There are many unusual icons here.

These are areas of Facebook that aren"t all frequently visited by most Facebook users. In fact, many people don"t even know about them.

In this navigation pane you"ll find the following Facebook symbols:

Groups: Public or private groups of other Facebook users who tóm tắt your interests. Pages: Facebook pages devoted khổng lồ a business or public person. Fundraisers: Create or promote a fundraiser for your friends to lớn contribute to. Friover Lists: Create lists to organize groups of friends to share posts with. Memories: Đánh Giá và repost your Facebook updates from many years ago. Manage Apps: This is where developers can create và manage apps that integrate with Facebook. Games: Play Facebook games with friends. Ads Manager: Buy or manage your Facebook ads. Offers: Find special discounts & promotions. Notes: Write full-length posts (lượt thích blog posts) and see what friends have sầu written. Recent Ad Activity: See all of the ads you"ve sầu clicked on or viewed recently. Movies: See showtimes for movies near you, and buy tickets without fees. Messenger Kids: A special messaging area made for kids, with built-in parental controls.
Town Hall: Find và follow your elected officials. Discover People: Explore profiles of people you may know. Jobs: Find local businesses who are hiring & apply for jobs. Saved: See saved posts and organize them into collections. Buy và Sell Groups: All your local buy và sell groups organized into one place. Gaming Video: Browse & watch gamers who livestream their gameplay. Crisis Response: Get updates on active crisis và kiểm tra if your friends are OK. Weather: Cheông xã your local weather forecast. Oculus: Read the lademo virtual reality news.

Didn"t realize you could bởi so much on Facebook?

Once you start learning all about what all of the various Facebook symbols mean, it"s clear that Facebook is good for much more than just scrolling through your news stream and posting status updates.

Another great way khổng lồ explore everything available in Facebook is just khổng lồ start searching. There are many different ways lớn bởi this. A great place lớn start is our simple guide filled with Facebook search tips.

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