Chatbot messenger, instagram, tiktok, zalo



You can create an automated bot with Flow Diagram or Bloông chồng of messages.

Use actions, such as assign tags, increase points,.. khổng lồ segment & retarget audiences

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Easy to lớn Collect user data with User Input, Web Form, Buy Now, Selling Page with Shopping Cart.

Integrated with Shipment and payment Gateways

Auto lớn replying bình luận, sending lớn inbox, and creating the order while livestreaming.

Use Sequence to follow-up your customer journey.




Your employee only stay on the Livechat screen to lớn view & reply conversations (comments and messsages) on all pages from multi channels.

Ease to phối status for each conversation và assign tags for each customer.


Ease to manage your audiences: Segmentations by compile of some attributes.

History of each customer: chat, orders, revenue,..

Ease to lớn sover message through multiple channels to follow up and upsale.




Keep relationship with your subscribers with built-in applications: Landing Page, Lucky Spin, Lottery Spin, Vip Card (Personalized Image), Quiz, và other Games: Like page for gift, mô tả for gift, invite friover for gift,..

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Affiliate và Viral

Affiliate & Viral programs help increase new subscribers, orders, và revenue.

Can can thiết đặt commission for affiliates, or gift for each referral.



Free forever 2 pages, 10.000 subscribers

Pay once for many pages. (Other chatbot, you have to lớn pay for each page).

Create Automated Chatbot In 1 Minutes

Use chatbot khổng lồ build LEADs, Sell goods, Book appointments, Play Mini trò chơi, Do a Survey, Quiz,..

Try Some Chatbot Messenger Templates

Clichồng on the image to run chatbot, Clichồng "clone" to get liên kết clone bot lớn your page

Online Sellers

Sellers on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Zalo,.. want lớn automate sale & follow up customers

Offline Shops

Restaurants, Spage authority, Hair Salon, Tea, Coffee, Clothes Shops,.. want to regọi customers back to siêu thị

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E-Store Sellers

Sellers on ecommerce platforms: Amazon, Ebay, Shopee, Lazada,.. should opt-in buyers khổng lồ chatbot lớn follow up & upsale.