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Getting real likes on Facebook for a new page is mainly from inviting friends to like the page or running ads.Today Lucid Gen will show you how lớn invite strangers lớn lượt thích your page và use the Facebook page lượt thích invite tool and show some other tips khổng lồ increase real likes for Facebook.

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How to lớn increase real likes on Facebook

Real Facebook likes can be understood as those likes from real users.

Their accounts are still active.When you have sầu real likes on Facebook, every time you post a new article, they will probably see that post, helping you increase your reach.

Unlượt thích virtual lượt thích, my trương mục has been appropriated và is only to buy and sell likes.

That trương mục is no longer active, posting pictures or status regularly.Even if your Facebook page has millions of virtual likes, there is no approach when posting articles.

Should buy lượt thích or buy Facebook page

Lucid Gen recommends that you buy the Facebook page, and if you buy likes, you have sầu to be 100% sure that it is real likes on Facebook (How khổng lồ see who liked your Facebook page) or you can run ads to lớn get real likes on Facebook.Don’t buy fake likes because it only increases the number of fans but your post has no reach.

cảnh báo when buying Facebook page:

Chechồng the engagement and reach of the posts against the number of likes.Cheông xã that the demographics of the people who like that Facebook page are relevant to lớn the products và services you sell.How many % male & female, what age accounts for the highest %.Can that Facebook page be renamed, does the seller commit khổng lồ change the name?
Cliông xã on the number of people who liked the post

If you are clicking too much, please use theInvite Post likesutility toolkhổng lồ make it automatically faster.https://www.youtube.com/embed/FUU_-N2Adec?feature=oembedVideo tutorial to invite strangers to lớn lượt thích the page with the utility tool

Some ways to increase real likes on Facebook

In addition to lớn inviting Facebook page likes, we still have sầu some other ways lớn increase Facebook page likes naturally.

Join exchange groups like Facebook page

Just type into lớn Facebook’s tìm kiếm bar phrases such asexchange lượt thích …Then there will be many groups for you to join.Go to these groups and view or create posts calling for the exchange of likes khổng lồ interact with group members.You like them; they like you, win-win.

Run ads like page like

This is very simple lớn understvà, and you need khổng lồ create a lot of quality content on your Facebook page before running a page.This way, you will have real likes on Facebook và reach the target audience of the products and services you sell.

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If you have sầu problems with thepage not being able to advertise, or need tobuy a Facebook ad tài khoản, please tương tác the Lucid Gen team for tư vấn (for a fee).

Share lots of valuable content for readers

Create articles that share rare, valuable nội dung with readers.For example, giving a handbook, giving away an ebook, giving away tips, giving a voucher… And asking people to like/nói qua (hotline lớn action) to support you or phản hồi so you can skết thúc them gifts.

You should like, chia sẻ & ask your friends lớn start the fire first.That post will get a lot of interaction, và the more reach you have sầu, the more likely you are lớn lượt thích the Facebook page.

Re-chia sẻ Facebook page posts on personal pages và groups with the same topic

This way helps your Facebook page reach very quickly and the right audience, but be careful not to spam excessively.The steps are as follows:

Step 1: You join groups related to lớn products and services of Facebook page.Step 2: choose articles that are useful to lớn readers, vì chưng not choose articles that focus on hàng hóa advertising.Step 3: share on your personal page if you have a lot of friends và chia sẻ in the groups you joined in step 1. Note that please check the “Include original post” button if available (article) cliông xã khổng lồ web format, yes).

Link Facebook page to lớn other social networks

If you use other commerce channels or other social networks, don’t forget khổng lồ introduce your Facebook page lớn your customers.Examples:

Insert into lớn trang web like Lucid Gen.Linking social networks, for example Instagram can liên kết to lớn Facebook.Add a link about your Facebook page to lớn your content when posting lớn other channels.Use the fb.com/lucidren style short link.

Optimizing SEO for Facebook page

You can’t submit the Facebook page liên kết khổng lồ Google lượt thích before, but you can add the Facebook page liên kết to lớn your trang web so that the Google bug can visit your trang web and scan your Facebook page.That way, when searching on Google, your Facebook page can show up, and you have a chance to lớn increase your Facebook page likes.

Use Insights

You use Insights to lớn see what age and gender are most people lượt thích your Facebook page.Also, see which posts generate the most engagement, then create more similar nội dung.

Organize mini games khổng lồ get real likes on Facebook

Create winning mini-game programs and invite players khổng lồ interact with posts và like the Facebook page to lớn be eligible for gifts.Notes when creating mini-games:

The reward must be attractive sầu.The way lớn play is easy so anyone can participate.Must ask to lớn like Facebook page because that’s your purpose.There should be an element of chance.For example, out of 10 people who answer correctly, only 2 people will win, and it will be random.Announce the winner and return the gift properly when the mini game ends.

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Comment on Facebook page

You will be commenting on articles related lớn your site.The purpose is khổng lồ approach customers through comments actively. If they are lucky, they will visit the page khổng lồ lượt thích it.Remember to lớn use the Facebook page when commenting.You can vì chưng it in the following ways:

Join groups as Facebook page.Then use the Facebook page lớn post or comment.Go to another Facebook page khổng lồ phản hồi and reply to their customers with your Facebook page.Watch out for being ganked.Comment with a personal trương mục but tag your Facebook page khổng lồ introduce khổng lồ others.


To invite friends to lượt thích the page và invite strangers khổng lồ lượt thích the page, there is a tool to lớn invite like the Facebook page to support.As for increasing real likes for Facebook, it takes a lot of work, especially to invest in content to lớn attract.Which bởi vì you think is the most effective?Would you mind sharing it with everyone in the comments below?