There’s no better way to make your friends and family jealous of your most recent vacation than with a crisp panoramic shot.

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Whether it be of a crimson sunmix, snowcapped peaks, or a sparkling city skyline, panoramic photos showcase a broader image than just a portrait or landscape phokhổng lồ. You might have sầu already seen Facebook 360 photos, the social truyền thông media network’s answer to panoramic shots, on your timeline - we’ll explore what they are and how you can start using them in just a few easy steps.

How khổng lồ bởi vì a Facebook 360 photo:

xuất hiện the Facebook tiện ích on your di động phone or tabletClick “What’s on your mind?” at the top of the pageScroll down to lớn 360 phokhổng lồ - you’ll know it by its small blaông chồng 360 iconFacebook will autoplay a tutorial for you - cliông xã “OK”Move sầu your camera around lớn get your shot in focus - make sure you stay in the lines!Cliông chồng the blue button to begin the processWhen you’re done, click the forward arrow, và Facebook will begin processingFacebook will automatically make a post for you - simply add your caption và hit “post!”
What is a Facebook 360 photo?

A Facebook 360 pholớn an immersive sầu, panoramic pholớn that Facebook users can upload to lớn their personal or Facebook business page lớn give viewers a 360-degree view of what’s happening. This is a Facebook marketing tactic that can increase page views on relevant posts - especially if you"re using Facebook for business. Does this sound like you? Share your insights and write a review!

Here’s what a Facebook 360 photo lớn looks lượt thích in a user’s timeline.The most comtháng types of Facebook 360 photos you’ll see are generally capturing landscapes, as panoramic shots allow the user to grasp more in a single shot.

The main indicator that a photo is a Facebook 360 phokhổng lồ is the small circle that appears to the right of the image, which allows you to scroll or move your phone to lớn see the entire panoramic image.

A screenshot can’t vì chưng a Facebook 360 pholớn justice - you’ll simply have sầu khổng lồ see it for yourself in your timeline once you to lớn post using our steps below!

Do I need a special Facebook 360 camera khổng lồ make this happen?

In a word… no.

Even though these fun, immersive sầu và high-chất lượng images may lead you to lớn believe that you need a fancy camera to lớn make it happen, the truth is much better news - you can take a photo lớn directly from your iPhone or Android device. You don’t even need a 360-degree photo app in order khổng lồ upload your Facebook 360 photo.

Facebook-recommended camera

However, if you are looking lớn invest in a 360-degree camera, Facebook does officially tư vấn several, including:

Ricoh Theta SGiroptic 360 CamSamsung Gear 360LG 360 CamIC Realtech ALLie360FlyPanono

Work with what you’ve sầu got

Ultimately, your phone is the best choice for taking và uploading Facebook 360 photos. Not only vị you not have to drop big money on a fairly limited-use tech sản phẩm, but your phone will also update with the latest version of the Facebook app that will make support và staying on top of new phầm mềm updates cheap và easy.

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How khổng lồ vì chưng a Facebook 360 photo

If you’re looking to take and upload a Facebook 360 phokhổng lồ, it couldn’t be simpler.1. xuất hiện the Facebook ứng dụng on your sản phẩm điện thoại phone or tablet2. Click “What’s on your mind?” at the top of the page, where you’d normally write a status or cốt truyện an update.

3. Scroll down khổng lồ 360 photo lớn - you’ll know it by its small blachồng 360 inhỏ.


4. Facebook will autoplay a tutorial for you - cliông chồng “OK”

5. Move sầu your camera around khổng lồ get your shot in focus - make sure you stay in the lines!
6. Cliông xã the xanh button lớn begin the process.

7. When you’re done, click the forward arrow, & Facebook will begin processing.8. Facebook will automatically make a post for you - simply add your caption và hit “post!”

How does Facebook 360 photo work?

Like any panoramic photo lớn, Facebook 360 photos are simply hundreds of photos that Facebook stitches together to make a large image. Combine that with the depth of field that Facebook has been known for in its Facebook 3 chiều photos and you have a completely immersive sầu photo lớn experience.

Facebook 360 photos as cover photos

If you’d lượt thích khổng lồ really “wow” visitors lớn your Facebook page, you can upload a Facebook 360 photo lớn as your Facebook cover pholớn. Unfortunately, it is not possible khổng lồ use a Facebook 360 pholớn as the cover photo for a Facebook business page. If you have sầu taken a Facebook 360 photo lớn on your phone or tablet, Facebook will automatically save that pholớn khổng lồ your camera roll, và you can add it to your cover pholớn in the usual way - clicking edit, change photo lớn and then selecting your chosen image.

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The takeaway

Facebook 360 photos are a fun và easy way to jazz up your Facebook protệp tin page, and provide a new and immersive sầu way lớn experience the world. In a few simple steps, your entire social network can be green with jealousy over your recent vacation.