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I"m now trying pynder, but it requries you to lớn get a facebook ID & access token.

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The facebook ID is what each user has in its own page, such as https://www.facebook.com/protệp tin.php?id=YOUR_ID if I underst& it correctly.

However, I don"t underst& how I get the access token. I first tried khổng lồ get with this tutorial, but since it is outdated, the actual pop-up page showed two types of ID: Get Use Access Token and Get Access Token. So I registered Facebook Developer program.

Then, I didn"t know which to pichồng, but I tried both anyway. The page didn"t show read_stream, by the way. However, I didn"t get a correct response when running curl:

curl -X POST https://api.gotinder.com/auth --data ""facebook_token": fb_token, "facebook_id": fb_user_id"This issued an error: "code":401,"error":"FacebookTokenRequired".

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How can I get the correct access token to lớn run the program?

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asked Mar 8 "17 at 4:32

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the following liên kết may help youGetting Facebook Access Token from User Id và Facebook App Secret?

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Getting Facebook User access tokens:

Step 1: gokhổng lồ : Facebook Graph Explorer

Step 2: Locate và select Get Token in dropbox on right & copy the token from text Box


Bonus Step3 : To get User ID associated with access token : cliông xã the blue info inhỏ at the starting of text box


answered Aquảng bá 5 "17 at 9:06

Anmol KarolAnmol Karol
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You can get your access token through the Facebook Access Token Tool

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answered Aquảng bá 5 "17 at 6:52

Abhishek PandeyAbhishek Pandey
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