One Weird Trick To Get More Facebook Likes For Free

Increase Facebook Likes

I am sure that none of you never visit Facebook. Am I right? There are many reasons for a user to use this social networking service. Most of us use facebook to lớn connect with friends and browse interesting stuff. Some may use it to have a private chat with their boyfriend or girlfriend; some people lượt thích khổng lồ play Facebook games, perkhung online marketing, flirting và so on.

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In today’s digital age, social truyền thông media platforms play an important role in terms of business, socializing và entertainment. We live in a social truyền thông bubble where posts, feeds, likes, comments, Tweets, and shares have become an important part of our day-to-day lives.A number of social media platforms have been mushrooming in every corner of this global village. Amongst these, Facebook is considered to be the go-lớn platkhung. With 1.86 billion users that are growing at the rate of 17 percent each year, this social networking platform is the epitome of connectivity. So if you are on Facebook, either for business or leisure, chances are you want to get your likes up.There are users who are looking for getting Likes & comments for their status, protệp tin picture, images, pages etc. There might have sầu some people begging their friends to lớn lượt thích their status và pictures through personal chat. There are no hacking tricks to lớn get millions of likes on Facebook. If it exists, only deadly hackers & programmers able lớn make it. Are you a hacker or programmer? Absolutely No. So we are sharing some other useful tips to lớn get a good amount of Likes for your Facebook Pages, Protệp tin Pictures, Status etc.There are two ways to get more Facebook likes, either through “Natural Way” or “Unnatural Way”. Here is a menu of techniques you can use lớn magnify your likes on Facebook. Be it posts, pictures, videos or GIFS, these strategies can be applied to lớn any type of nội dung.

Natural Way of Getting Likes for Facebook Status & Pictures

1: Tagging and Re-Tagging MethodOne of the best ways khổng lồ tell people about your post is by tagging relevant individuals. What relevant individual means is people, who are related to your sản phẩm or service, & at the same time, have a large number of followers. This way, you are not only exposing your posts khổng lồ people you know but also people, who are friends or followers of others. This is how viral sale works without you spending a dime!Tagging is an awesome way for receiving natural likes. Tagging is possible if you upload a picture or when you change your protệp tin picture. Currently, Facebook allows a maximum of 50 tags which is quite easy for the tagged friends to likes on your post or profile picture. You may chiến bại the lượt thích of your best friover if he or she fails khổng lồ discover you are posting new updates. This can be solved by tagging your friends. Your friends will be notified with this tagging. When others phản hồi or like on the post, they will be notified as well. This increases the chance to get them like on your post or picture.Since Facebook only allow 50 tags per post, is that mean each post can only get the attention of 50 people?No, you can get more attentions by using the method below


After one or two days, remove sầu the old tagging và tag another 50 friends. Continue this process until you finish tagging all of your friends. If you have sầu 2000 Friends, you will have big chance lớn get more than 500 Likes.Note: This method is somehow annoying and might get some friends to lớn “Unfriend” you. Read another method below if you vị not want lớn annoy your friends.2. Run Facebook Advertisement CampaignsFacebook gives you an option khổng lồ run an advertisement that will help increase page or post likes. You can mix a budget for the day and run these advertisements. Since you will have the option khổng lồ target your audience, the advertisement will be shown just lớn people, who are interested in what you want lớn sell or offer. As a result, you will be able lớn generate genuine likes much faster. Of course, it costs money, but sometimes, it is worth the expense.If you are interested in trying the Facebook advertisement but lack of experience or never know how to lớn run it, you can have sầu a look at Fiverr. There are some cheap & useful gigs that can help you lớn mix up & run your first Facebook advertisement successfully.The Gig I recommend: “I Will Be Your Facebook Advertising Specialist” – Search “Facebook Advertising” on Fiverr

Facebook Ads Guide – Cheông xã Out This Gig

Gopros is a màn chơi 2 seller on Fiverr which received more than 11đôi mươi positive sầu reviews. With the most basic gig that cost $5, he will guide you on how to creating Facebook Ads that win customers.There are many useful Gigs on Fiverr that can help you to lớn grow your Facebook likes. Enter the từ khóa “Facebook Advertising”. You will find many services including create the Facebook advertisement for you, help you promote your người page, share your post/page khổng lồ their friends, etc. I would say Fiverr is indeed a very good source lớn gain unique Facebook likes if you use it wisely.3. Create Relevant và Informative ContentContent is the base of your Facebook page or account. By posting just interesting, informative sầu content that is relevant to your audience, will you be able khổng lồ generate a huge number of likes organically. The nội dung should also be in different formats lượt thích videos, GIFS, images, và infographics to lớn break away from the monotony and keep visitors coming back for more. This keeps your page fresh và also engages your audience.4. Reach Out to lớn Influencers in Your NicheBy partnering with influencers, who have plenty of likes on their pages or accounts, you can drive sầu their traffic to your page. A simple post or shout out with your name tagged on their page can make a huge difference. Since the figure you are associating with has built their authority và people believe what they have lớn say or recommend, you will find that their followers và friends will be more willing lớn check out a page or post that has been recommended by the influencer.5. Like Your Own Picture or StatusComtháng Doubt. If you don’t like tagging all your friends, there is an alternative sầu method.If you lượt thích or bình luận anything on Facebook, there is a big chance that it will show up on your friends’ news feed. That means, while you upload or update a new status, there is a possibility that your friends will see it as well.The main idea of this method is “weird” but it might work lớn get you some không tính phí likes. Browse through your Facebook image library và like your own image. With this method, your image probably will be showing up on their newsfeed. Just they may know that you are liking your own picture.These are the most effective sầu ways of pumping up the likes naturally on your Facebook posts, be it a status updates, images or videos. A huge number of likes gives you confidence that your content và posts are reaching their intended audience. It is also a sign that your nội dung is relevant và is being appreciated by people you are trying to relate to lớn. So go ahead và implement these strategies and increase the number of likes of your nội dung on Facebook.

Unnatural Ways of Getting Free Facebook Like

Natural methods for getting likes are mentioned above, now let’s talk about some brutal ways for getting likes from others all over the world. We are going khổng lồ talk about some websites that might fulfill your needs. This topic includes:• Likes from• Likes from Autolikers• Like exchanging websites• Like selling websitesNote: All unnatural ways above sầu can get you fast likes but the chất lượng is usually very low.

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Some provide nhái Facebook users’ lượt thích which might hurt your Facebook tín đồ page. I would not suggest you to lớn use the services. If you need high unique likes or Facebook fan page users with high engagement rate, I would suggest you khổng lồ go for the Natural way. It is the only way maintain the engagement in the long term. Continue to read on if you do not care about giả users or bots, & you just want some fast likes.

How To Use To Increase Facebook Likes?

For a website with low traffic, there is no value for it to offer social exchange credit. The social exchange value is directly proportional lớn the trang web traffic. There are many websites still providing social exchange service although it does not have enough traffic. The problem is the customer need khổng lồ wait for a long time to get their objective fulfilled.In this case, AddMeFast is completely different as it has more visitors.Let’s check out how lớn get Facebook likes from AddMeFast.#1: Create an trương mục on AddMeFast.#2: Next step is to buy some credit points or earn some points. You could get quick points with some dollars. If you bởi not want to spkết thúc money, start liking, sharing, & viewing others stuff.#3: After earning some points, cliông xã on Add Site/Page button.#4: You can add the type of social credit you would receive. #5: Clichồng the save sầu button after filling the details like Facebook page URL, total clicks you would lượt thích lớn receive, etc.

Now you can see that your page or pholớn getting likes quickly until your gained points are zero or till the desired limit.Note:• It is better to lớn assign a higher point. For example, points value not less than 7. If you assign 10 points, it will have more priority than those lower points page.• If you do not want khổng lồ purchase credits, it would be better khổng lồ create a new Facebook tài khoản and start liking others pages/ photos. Otherwise, it will be very annoying as your friover can notify those activities on your Facebook.Besides, you can also earn points everyday by logging in your AddMeFast trương mục or refer your frikết thúc khổng lồ them.

Like4Like – Another Facebook Like Exchange Program

Like4Like is another Social Credit exchanging program like above mentioned AddMeFast. Although both have similar features, AddMeFast is better than Like4Like for most people. Design & user experience are comparatively low for Like4Like.In the case of traffic amount, Like4Like holds the second position after AddMeFast. So whenever you add your photos, pages, most probably you will get the result quickly. If you are using AddMeFast, then it is not necessary lớn try Like4Like as both have similar features.

There are many other social credit exchanging websites that provide similar services as AddMeFast và Like4Like. But most of them have low traffic volume which does not worth your time checking inkhổng lồ it. Even if you earn some credits and put your page to lớn increase likes, it may take weeks or even months khổng lồ reach the target. Hence, if you are looking for a social credit exchange platkhung khổng lồ earn some quiông chồng likes, you may consider the AddMeFast và Like4Like.

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Buying Facebook Likes

Since the Facebook lượt thích has demanded, there are many websites selling Facebook likes và some automated software are developed for this purpose. There are hundreds of online portal offering big discounts for purchasing Facebook likes. Besides, you may also purchase some credits for other social platforms lượt thích Twitter or Pinterest lớn increase the “fan” base. But are all such websites genuine? Most such websites are selling bot generated likes và has no real value in the long term.You may want to read the case study by The statement of “Buying Nhái Facebook Likes Has No Real Value” has been proven.Instead of buying cheap & fast likes from an unknown source, I would suggest you study on how lớn implement the Facebook genuine advertisement to increase real likes for your fan page or images.This is one of the “Testimonial” from the customer. I vì chưng not know whether it is true. For me, definitely it is not worth a try although it is cheap.“ offers fast và real Facebook likesLast week, I purchased some likes for my Facebook page from I found the website from the search engines, feels like a better option than others. Initially, I found that the webpage is secure with its https protocol. I bought the lowest package. With $8, I got 150 real likes. They delivered it on the same day. I kiểm tra all the profiles & the profiles have sầu their status updated recently. The profiles were owned by real persons. I don’t know how the team sends me good likes within the short time span. Again, I purchased a bigger cart và they took two days lớn complete the delivery this time. Below is the pricing table for their service.”


AutoLikers for Getting Quiông xã Facebook Likes Free

Now let’s talk about the most brutal way of getting Facebook likes. It is possible with AutoLikers. From the name itself, it is clear that software or bot automatically likes the facebook page or status. There are lots of such services but I vày not think the chất lượng of likes provided will be the high-chất lượng one.Make sure you are not using AutoLikers with your real Facebook trương mục. You may create a new account & use AutoLikers to lượt thích your real pages status, profile pictures etc. There are some risks with this method as Facebook is currently deleting fake user accounts.Below are some websites of the AutoLikers. I bởi not encourage you to lớn implement this but you can try it if you insist want to lớ are the methods lớn get Facebook likes. I would suggest you go through the natural way, create high quality & engaging nội dung would be definitely a good way to go.Do you have sầu any other ideas on how lớn increase Facebook like? Share it through the phản hồi box below.