What is zoom and how does it work? plus tips and tricks

(internetstartup.vn) - In 2020, Zoom has become one of the leading video clip conferencing software apps. It enables you lớn virtually interact with co-workers when in-person meetings aren"t possible, và it thas been hugely successful for social events, too.

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Make no mistake: Zoom is an essential tool for small-, medium-, và large-sized teams who want khổng lồ keep in touch and continue their daily workflows with minimal disruption - as well as becoming a firm favourite with individuals, especially around holidays lượt thích Thanksgiving in the US and Christmas around the world.



What"s the difference between paid and miễn phí Zoom?

There are a few differences between the paid & không lấy phí Zoom plans that are worth noting.

Free users

You can tải về the Zoom tiện ích on your computer or phone and join any meeting with a supplied meeting ID. You can disable audio or đoạn phim before joining. You can create a không tính phí Zoom trương mục and from there you can create a new meeting, schedule one, join a meeting, cốt truyện a screen, add contacts, & so on.

Paid users

You can sign up và download Zoom onto your computer using your work gmail if your system administrator has a Pro, Business, or Enterprise trương mục. You"ll then want lớn sync Zoom lớn your calendar so you can schedule Zoom meetings & invite remote participants lớn join.

If you"re setting up a Zoom Room, you"ll need a computer to lớn sync & run Zoom Meetings & a tablet for attendees to lớn launch the Zoom Meetings. You"ll also need a mic, camera, & speaker, at least one HDTV monitors lớn display remote meeting participants, & an HDXiaoMI cable lớn mô tả computer screens on a display, as well as an internet cable for your connection

You"ll also need khổng lồ download "Zoom Rooms for Conference Room" on the in-room computer & "Zoom Room Controller" for the tablet in the meeting room. You can then sync those rooms lớn your company"s shared calendar so employees can see which meeting rooms are available.

Zoom security issues và updates

Early in 20trăng tròn, concerns were raised about Zoom both in terms of security và problems with unwanted guests known as Zoombombers.

The company made moves lớn counter these issues and reassure users about the importance of security và privacy. This includes simple things lượt thích removing the meeting ID from the title bar of the Call so if users nội dung screenshots online the meeting isn"t exposed to lớn future abuse.

The company has released a number of updates khổng lồ the tiện ích khổng lồ boost the security credentials.

What are Zoombombers?

The rise in prominence of Zoom lead the service to being abused by internet trolls and people with too much time on their hands. Some individuals were hunting down public và insecure Zoom meetings & letting themselves in, then "bombing" other people on the gọi with graphic videos, pornography and other inappropriate content.

We wrote a guide on how to lớn stop Zoombombing a while baông chồng và there are various ways you can prevent this from happening, including securing your calls, preventing screen sharing and even disabling đoạn Clip. The team behind Zoom made improvements to lớn secure your calls và keep them safe, & as far as we know, Zoombombing is no longer an issue.

Default security updates

Zoom has been updated with security changes to reassure users. One of these has been the requirement for a password as default for Zoom meetings. This, combined with virtual waiting rooms, ensures that only those people who have been invited to lớn the Điện thoại tư vấn are actually allowed in.

Another step khổng lồ ensure calls are secure & safe for everyone.


Zoom security tools

Zoom has made it easy to lớn manage and secure your meetings when they"re happening. There are a range of security tools you can now access with a couple of clicks including the ability to lochồng the meeting when it has started so no new people can join, remove current participants on the gọi, muting participants and disabling private chat too.

To access the Zoom security tools, you can simply cliông xã on the security button that appears in the window when the gọi is happening or hover over a participant to interact with them specifically - to remove sầu them from the Call for example.

Reporting other participants

It"s now possible to lớn report participants on the gọi who aren"t welcome or are causing trouble. As well as removing them from the call, you can now send a report khổng lồ theZoom Trust and Safety team khổng lồ handle misuse of the system. This will help bloông xã them from the service in future and interfering with other calls too.

To vày so, clichồng the security button on the meeting and then cliông xã report.

What is OnZoom?

In October 20trăng tròn, Zoom unveiled the public beta for OnZoom. It is described as an online events platsize & marketplace that allows paid Zoom users lớn create, host, and monetise events such as fitness classes, concerts, stand-up or improv shows, or music lessons.

"We were humbled and inspired by all of the amazing ways the world adapted lớn a literal shutdown of in-person events amid COVID-19. When business owners, entrepreneurs, and organizations of all sizes had lớn find some way - any way - to lớn stay the course & continue providing services to lớn their customers, many turned lớn Zoom," Zoom explained. "OnZoom simplifies that experience."

Visit onzoom.com lớn learn more about how OnZoom works.


What are Zapps?

In October 2020, Zoom announced Zapps, or apps that both miễn phí & paid Zoom users will have access lớn within the Zoom platform.

"Think of Zapps as an tiện ích store right where you need it most - in a Zoom meeting, room, chat, webinar, phone Điện thoại tư vấn, & even your contacts directory," Zoom announced while explaining that Zapps can "improve sầu productivity and help create more engaging experiences."

Launch partners include Atlassian, Asamãng cầu, Box, Dropbox, Slachồng, Wrike, Coursera, Kahoot!, Kaltura, HubSpot, Chorus, Gong, Cameo, Exer, Slivì, Lucidspark, Miro, Mural, ServiceNow, và PagerDuty. For example, you can use the Dropbox Zapp to nói qua the document you"ve sầu been working on, or you can put up a poll using the Slivì Zphầm mềm, or you can pull up the Asana Zứng dụng và vày updates on team projects.

The first of these Zapps will l& by the end of 20trăng tròn. Zoom plans lớn open the ability khổng lồ offer a Ztiện ích khổng lồ more developers in the future.Users will be able lớn search and add approved Zapps & integrate them directly into lớn their Zoom accounts.

Visit zoom.us/zapps to lớn see watch kiểm tra videos.

How khổng lồ record Zoom calls as a video

Zoom lets you record calls as videos. You vị need permission khổng lồ vì chưng so though. The meeting host will have sầu to enable recordings in settings. It"s worth checking your tài khoản settings to make sure recording is enabled before you get started.

Log into your Zoom accountCliông xã khổng lồ viewAccount Settings/Meeting settingsNavigate to lớn theRecording taband clichồng to lớn enable video recording

It"s worth noting that Zoom admins can activate recording for everyone, for users or groups. There"s more guidance on recording settings here.

In order lớn record a Zoom meeting, you must choose whether to use the local or cloud option. Local means you store the video file yourself on your computer or in another storage area. With Cloud, which is for paid subscribers only, Zoom stores the đoạn phim for you in its cloud storage. But, to record videos, you need Zoom on macOS, Windows, or Linux. When you record a meeting and choose Record lớn the Cloud, the Clip, audio, và chat text is recorded in the Zoom cloud.


When the Zoom call begins you should see an option khổng lồ record on the bottom of the screen. Clicking that then lets you record locally or in the cloud.

If you don"t see the option khổng lồ record, kiểm tra your settings in the website phầm mềm (under My Meeting Settings) or have sầu your trương mục admin enable it. The recording files can be downloaded khổng lồ a computer or streamed from a browser.

During the meeting, you can also see which participants are recording the meeting và those on the meeting will also be told when the meeting is being recorded. When the call is over Zoom will automatically convert the recording inlớn a usable MP4 Clip file.

Recording Zoom meetings on mobile

It is possible khổng lồ record Zoom meetings and calls on sản phẩm điện thoại too. However, this is done via cloud recordings so you need a paid Zoom membership in order to use this feature. It"s also worth noting that cloud storage is limited, so be careful how many meetings you record while using the mobile phầm mềm.

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To record a Zoom hotline on sản phẩm điện thoại follow these steps:

xuất hiện the Zoom ứng dụng on your mobileCliông chồng to join or start a meetingClichồng the three dot thực đơn on the bottom right of the screenCliông xã "Record to the cloud" or "record"You"ll then see a recording ibé and the ability to pause or stop recordingOnce the gọi is over you"ll find the recording in the "My Recordings" section of the Zoom site

Where does Zoom save recordings?

When you"re recording locally, Zoom call recordings are saved on the Zoom folder on your PC or Mac. These can be found at these locations:

PC:C:UsersUser NameDocumentsoomMac:/Users/User Name/Documents/Zoom

You can easily access Zoom recordings by opening the Zoom app và navigating to meetings. Once there you"ll see a "recorded" tab where you can choose the meeting you need then either play the recording or open it.

For cloud storage of your Zoom meeting recordings log in khổng lồ your account & navigate khổng lồ the My Recordings page.

Find out more about Zoom recordings here.

Removing background noise from your Zoom calls

Zoom has introduced settings that allow you lớn adjust the audio on your call và remove sầu unnecessary and unwanted background noise.

In order khổng lồ activate this, cliông chồng into the settings, then find the audio options. In there you"ll see a drop-down thực đơn with "suppress background noise".

There are varying levels of suppression you can add here. The highest will remove sầu as much as possible, reducing issues with tín đồ noises and dogs barking while the lower levels will still let you play background music on a chilled-out casual điện thoại tư vấn with friends.

If the built-in noise removal isn"t enough there are other options available.

How to improve your microphone quality with AI

If you don"t have a perfectly peaceful office to lớn work from then you might find things are a bit noisy và less than professional for your calls. Nvidia has a solution with an AI-powered piece of software that can eliminate background noise from your calls.

You need khổng lồ be running Windows 10 & haveNvidia GeForceRTX or Quadro RTX graphics thẻ but if you tichồng those boxes you can use Nvidia RTX Voice khổng lồ remove sầu unwanted noise from your microphone.We"ve written a detailed guide on how to lớn cài đặt RTX Voice here, but essentially you just need to lớn tải về the software, then phối it as your mặc định input and output device within the app:


Alternatively you can use a không lấy phí phầm mềm called Krisp. This will give you 120 minutes a month of really solid noise cancellation on Zoom - or indeed any audio application using a microphone. Like the Nvidia solution above, you just have to lớn install the Krisp phầm mềm, then select Krisp as your microphone in the ứng dụng settings. You"ll then have sầu clear audio. We"ve sầu written a detailed guide on how khổng lồ use Krisp right here.

Zoom virtual backgrounds

If you want to lớn jazz things up a bit or don"t want other people on the Zoom gọi seeing the awful mess of your trang chính then there"s good news as Zoom offers virtual backgrounds. These are backdrops for your calls that include things like space, cityscapes and ocean-side views too.

With Zoom virtual backgrounds, you can also upload an image of anything you want to customise your background. It"s available for both iPhone và desktops

How khổng lồ use virtual backgrounds on desktop

It"s fairly easy to lớn get started with Zoom virtual backgrounds.On a Mac or PC, for instance, just open up your Zoom client, click on the "Setup" ibé on the corner, and select "Virtual Background" in the side thực đơn.

Zoom provides a few virtual backgrounds. Cliông xã on the one you"d lượt thích to use. If you would like your own background, cliông chồng on the plus sign above sầu và khổng lồ the left of the sample backgrounds, choose an image from your computer, & add it.

You can also add a virtual background during a meeting. In your Zoom client, click on the arrow next lớn the đoạn Clip symbol on the left, select "Choose a virtual background...", & you will see the same Virtual Background page.

The company recommends using a green screen & a good webcam to get the best results, but it is possible to lớn use a virtual background without a green screen too.

How khổng lồ use virtual backgrounds on the điện thoại app

You can also use Zoom virtual backgrounds on the phầm mềm too.

Login to your tài khoản and joining a meeting via your phone. Then cliông xã the three dots at the bottom of the screen và cliông chồng the "more" thực đơn. Then clichồng "virtual background" và choose the background you want to lớn use.


Add filters to lớn your Zoom calls

As well as virtual backgrounds, it"s possible khổng lồ jazz up your Zoom calls by using filters. These come in two forms and can be found in the same background settings as virtual backgrounds.

You can choose either add simple colour shades lớn your camera (sepia, black and White & such) or select from several Snapchat-eque filters khổng lồ add cartoon stylings lớn your camera. These might not be ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá for business calls, but should make things more entertaining with friends and family.


cảm ứng up my appearance

As well as virtual backgrounds, Zoom offers the ability to improve your looks when you"re on a Gọi. There"s a feature called "cảm ứng Up My Appearance" which is useful if you"ve not had your daily caffeine fix or are struggling with life in the home page office.

Touch Up My Appearance uses a filter khổng lồ subtly smooth fine lines& it"s meant to lớn lookvery natural. To use cảm biến Up My Appearance, go to lớn Settings, và under the Video tab, check the box next khổng lồ cảm biến up.

Recording transcripts

As well as recording Zoom meetings, you can alsoautomatically transcribe the audio of a meeting that you record lớn the cloud. And, as the meeting host, you can edit your transcript, scan the transcript text for từ khoá lớn access the đoạn phim at that moment, and chia sẻ the recording.

To enable the Audio Transcript feature for your own use, sign inkhổng lồ the Zoom web portal và navigate to My Meeting Settings, then go khổng lồ the Cloud recording option on the Recording tab, & verify that the setting is enabled. Choose Turn On, if need be. If the option is greyed out, it has been locked at either the Group or Account level, & you will need khổng lồ tương tác your Zoom admin.

49-person gallery view

With gallery view, you see up to 49 meeting participants at once, rather than the default 25, depending on your device.

With the Zoom thiết bị di động ứng dụng on Android & iOS, you can start or join a meeting. By default, the Zoom điện thoại tiện ích displays the active speaker view. If one or more participants join the meeting, you will see a video thumbnail in the bottom-right corner. You can view up to lớn four participants" video clip at the same time.

If you want to view 49 people, you will need the Zoom desktop client for macOS or Windows. Once you have sầu the desktop phầm mềm installed on your computer, you must go to lớn Settings & click Video to lớn display the đoạn Clip settings page. Then, enable the option "Display up lớn 49 participants per screen in Gallery View".

Zoom screen sharing & using pause share

Did you know that you can not only share your screen (điện thoại thông minh và desktop) but also pause your screen sharing? Simply press Pause Share when you don’t want your meeting participants lớn watch you mess around your presentation slides. Learn more here.

Share and annotate on mobile

You can giới thiệu files directly from your phone while in the meeting và use the whiteboarding feature on your phone by writing comments with your finger. To annotate while viewing someone else"s shared screen, select View Options from the top of the Zoom window, & then choose Annotate. A toolbar will appear with all your options for annotating - such as text, draw, arrow, & so on.

How to lớn rearrange tiles in Gallery view

If you"re in Gallery view you can see all the participants on the hotline at the same time. You also have sầu the option khổng lồ rearrange these, so if there are key people you always want lớn be looking at, you can just drag và drop to lớn rearrange the order they are shown.

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Zoom keyboard shortcuts

It"s possible to lớn use various shortcut keys during Zoom meetings to access features or change settings easily. These include a multitude of things but our favourites are:

Alt + A orCommand(⌘)+Shift+A:Mute/unmute audioAlt+M or Command(⌘)+Control+M:Mute/unmute audio for everyone except the hostAlt+S orCommand(⌘)+Control+S: Start screen sharingAlt+R orCommand(⌘)+Shift+R: Start/stop local recordingAlt+C orCommand(⌘)+Shift+C: Start/stop cloud recordingAlt+P orCommand(⌘)+Shift+P: Pause or resume recordingAlt+F1 orCommand(⌘)+Shift+W:Switch to active sầu speaker viewin video meeting

How to giới thiệu YouTube videos in Zoom

That"s right, Zoom will let you tóm tắt a wide range of content on your presentation, including YouTube videos. This is a bit of a sneaky option, because all you have to lớn vì chưng is have the Clip that you want khổng lồ chia sẻ open in your browser. Then, when you want khổng lồ cốt truyện that, you just use the nội dung screen option & piông chồng the browser from the options. Note: you"ll also need to lớn tichồng the "chia sẻ computer sound" option in that box lớn ensure that everyone on the call can hear the YouTube video clip as well as see it.

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