With TikTok - musical.ly for Windows, you can now enjoy the social network of the moment for short and viral music videos on your computer desktop


If you haven"t heard of TikTok, you"re not in this world... or you"re over 25 years old, that could be too. TikTok is the most successful social network of recent times, which has become as popular aước ao young people as Instagram or Snapchat in their day. In fact, even Facebook has created Lasso, an identical alternative. However, it has not been disclosed if there has been an attempt at a hostile takeover bid as there was with Snapchat.

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Be that as it may, the point is that TikTok - musical.ly has become one of the phenomemãng cầu of the moment, rivaling the aforementioned social networks and making its way ahy vọng the youngest.

Create short videos with music

The secret of TikTok"s success lies mainly in the concept: users can record short videos và add music. Of course, they can also edit them with filters and effects, và by pasting them together. Users can then post these videos on their profiles, on Instagram, for example, và other users can comment, react, & follow the creator. And all this in a matter of seconds: in less than a minute, you can record a đoạn Clip & post it for your followers.

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TikTok: the social network for exciting, spontaneous, & genuine short videos.

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Whether you are a fan of sports, pets, music, or just want to lớn have sầu a good laugh, everything you need is on TikTok. All you need to lớn vì chưng is watch videos và interact with the ones you like khổng lồ receive more and more, always personalized with the content you lượt thích. These are the main features of the application:

TikTok allows you to lớn watch an endless number of videos selected based on the users" tastes.Just swipe with your finger to explore the content.TikTok includes nội dung from every category imaginable: pets, food, memes, sports, ASMR, tutorials, comedy, etc.Facial recognition in image capture.High-unique video clip recording.The most advanced giải pháp công nghệ for editing & applying filters và effects.Huge music library selected daily by the tiện ích editors.You can create a user profile via gmail, Google tài khoản, or Facebook protệp tin & follow other tiktokers.Tons of filters, effects, & AR objects can be unlocked to lớn improve the unique of your videos.

What"s new in the lademo version

No changelog has been released regarding the lakiểm tra version of TikTok.