It's simply a bot that automatically replies khổng lồ users who comments on your Facebook posts. It can replies directly lớn the user's bình luận and it can also send a private message to lớn the user.

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When lớn use Facebook Aukhổng lồ Comment tool?


A study by Hootsuite on Facebook Activity

This tool is especially useful if you want to lớn stay connected to your community. Facebook phản hồi reflects a high commitment to your post from the user, a study showed that in a month, a user typically makes 5 comments. That's quite a low number so if they commented on your post it can mean many things:

They are interested in your business và would lượt thích lớn have more informationThey are seeking assistance with your product and would like khổng lồ get in touch with youThey want to lớn engage with your post because they like youThey had a bad experience with your hàng hóa & want khổng lồ complain

No matter what's the reason, it's important lớn pay attention to your comment & ideally, respond to lớn them when possible. Moreover, responding khổng lồ your Facebook Comments can boost your post và make it more visible lớn other people.

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Our Facebook Aukhổng lồ Comment Tool can be useful for:

Conchạy thử Giveaway.

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Conchạy thử Giveaway is a great way to generate leads that are interested in your hàng hóa. Private Discount. Sover your discount code khổng lồ people who engage with your postCustom messages. Interact with your community automatically ..anything else you can think of


How lớn use the Facebook Auto Comment tool?

Step One: Connect your Facebook Account and Facebook Page


First, connect your Facebook Account.

Select the pages you want lớn connect to lớn the Aukhổng lồ Comment Tool

You can connect several pages khổng lồ the tool