How To Upload Hd Video To Facebook


HD videos are of good chất lượng and are interesting to lớn watch. Some people might just ignore the Clip you chia sẻ on Facebook if they are of bad unique. To ensure that you maintain HD videos when uploading them khổng lồ Facebook, there are things you need khổng lồ consider. When exporting from editing softwares ensure that the formats are in MOV or MP4 with AAC audio. Moreover, ensure that the aspect ratio is less than 1280px besides the frame rate being 30fps. Another important thing is lớn keep the đoạn Clip short and small kích thước that is less than 4GB. Anything more than 1đôi mươi minutes long might not be of good unique.

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Part 1. Easy Way to lớn Upload HD Video khổng lồ Facebook

A convenient way of uploading HD videos khổng lồ Facebook is using UniConverter for Mac or Windows. With this converter software you can convert videos, edit and mô tả them on Facebook, Vimeo và Youtube. Uplaoding HD videos lớn Facebook is easy and fast và we will show you how to lớn upload them. But before that it is important to lớn highlight the features of UniConverter.

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How to lớn Upload HD Videos khổng lồ Facebook using UniConverter

As you have seen UniConverter for Mac or Windows is more than a video/audio converter. It can also convert đoạn phim files khổng lồ Facebook supported format directly.With that being said, let us now look at a step-by-step guide on how to lớn upload HD videos to Facebook.

Step 1. Import HD Videos

Launch the UniConverter for Mac once you have uploaded it to the program. The simpliest way of uploading videos khổng lồ the program is using the drag and drop option. You can also clichồng on the "Add Files" button at the top left & select the HD Clip you want khổng lồ share from your computer. By the drop-down inhỏ beside, you could import video clip directly from your di động devices or camcorder.


Step 2. Convert to lớn Facebook Support Format

After importing the video clip to lớn the program, navigate the cursor khổng lồ the to main thực đơn and scroll down khổng lồ the Facebook option in the output format menu, from where you could also make advanced settings for the audio/đoạn Clip tệp tin such as Bitrate, frame rate, sample rate, channel, unique, etc. Once all the settings completed, return khổng lồ the main window và tap the "Convert" button or "Convert All" button at the bottom right.


UniConverter enables you to lớn directly upload HD videos to lớn Facebook on Mac. After importing your HD videos to the program, please go to lớn the "Export" menu & choose "Uploading to lớn Facebook". Then sign into lớn your Facebook tài khoản và post HD videos as needed.

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Step 3. Sign in & Upload Video khổng lồ Facebook

Now go to lớn Facebook in any browser, enter the details of your Facebook account và then locate the converted đoạn Clip in yoru Mac or Windows PC. With UniConverter you will never across with format problem on Facebook video uploading. Why look for other software while this software allows you to edit, tải về, convert và cốt truyện your videos?

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Part 2. How to lớn Upload HD Video on Facebook

When you open Facebook account on your browser, you can easily upload the HD videos. Here are the steps to achieve that.

Step 1. Go to “Privacy & Settings” on Facebook at the top right and ensure that under Videos you have enabled the app to upload HD videos.

Step 2. Go to lớn “Home”. At the top page of the Facebook News feed cliông chồng on “Photo/Video”.

Step 3. Next you have to select the HD videos and upload.

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Step 4. You can then add some description of the Clip & finally post it on Facebook.